These bizarre vintage hair-dryers will blow your mind, and your tresses


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Ok, a few of those looked down right scary. I wouldn’t mount one on my mellon.


mmmmmm toasted brainssssss


I wouldn’t mount one with your mellon.


Giger took the weirdest gigs.


Some of those look Dr Suess inspired.


From bygone days, when barbers wore labcoats.


“Why is your hair like that?” the girl asked me.
“I sleep in front of a powerful fan,” I said.

-Daniel Pinkwater


I grew up on The Jetsons, which I preferred over The Flintstones. Besides flying the car, walking your dog on an outdoor treadmill, and using the pneumatic tube for transport in a building, I couldn’t wait to use the contraption that Jane used to wash and style her hair in, like, 30 seconds.

I feel cheated.


/#2 is fricking AWESOME!


For another example of technological evolution, see also:



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