Vintage hairdryer in the form of a handgun

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Does it come with a warning to place in checked luggage rather than carry-on? Because I can totally see that being seized by the TSA. :smirk:


this will go great with my handgun that looks like a hairdryer!

…what could go wrong?


But her hair wasn’t wet.

Is this one of those women things?

This is the kind of thing I’d imagine Pee-wee would dry his hair with.


My sister had one of those – it’s probably still in a drawer back home…

I remember an old cartoon where a guy sees a silhouette of someone about to shoot themselves, and he calls the cops and its just a guy blow drying his hair. I think it was in MAD.

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Men who shave in commercials are generally shaved already. *shrug*

Although the specific thing she’s showing is something you do with dry (or lightly damp) hair. Bit like using a curling iron.

I wish I’d known that trick back when I had that haircut. :anguished:

My dad had one of these! It was a gag Christmas gift, I think.

Oooh. Now do a toothbrush!

I remember most things '80’s, but I don’t remember this. Was it a regional thing?

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