Magical levitating gun or bad Photoshop?


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Um, it really looks like it’s in a holster.


Yes, you can see the edge of the holster across where the trigger is supposed to be.


Yeah, neither sawed-off, nor unholstered.

That’s a believable rig, but probably a staged shot.


There’s pretty clearly a holster there covering a good portion of the gun.


o_0 It is a snub nosed S&W revolver in a plastic clip on holster.

The holster covers up the trigger to prevent snags, and covers the whole barrel. Of course people wouldn’t WEAR it like that, but it’s obviously some file photo.


Yeah, I’m no gun expert but that looks like a compact form-fitting plastic holster clipped to the waistband.


neither… its just a regular gun, in a regular holster, with zero photoshop (maybe some brightness or saturation adjustments)

Also… sawed off handgun?! lol its a snub nose revolver… and there is no minimum barrel length laws for hand guns… only rifles/shotguns.


Okay, it took me a while. The image actually has nothing to do with the story, except that it was used to illustrate the idea of a gun. That’s not the student who was arrested, nor is it his gun. It’s probably a stock image.

Don’t call me slow. I prefer to think of myself as leisurely.


Yeah… nothing wrong with the pistol or its holster. That’s a thermoformed, clip on holster, and the pistol has a short barrel. Probably a lousy stock photo someone originally used for an open-carry story. Not a likely method for a kid to bring a gun to school. If it was, these things would be easier to stop/prevent.


You got it. Probably not Kydex, but a molded plastic shell. Cheap and practical.

Honestly the bad guys in moves should get more of these so they don’t hurt themselves.


Looks like this w/o the gun and mom jeans


You guys should probably just pull this post down.


Paddle holster, folks:

paddle goes inside the pants. Part that holds the gun is outside the pants. In this case (as with many paddle holsters), the part holding the gun is molded plastic for exactly this pistol so that it isn’t any bigger than it has to be.


The pic’s not even attached to the original story (not now, anyway).


Yeah…this is the kind of FAKE news that gets under people’s skin…Really…10 seconds of looking at that pic and I knew there was a holster…take this crap down…it has no validity at all!


Well, at least I learned a few things about holsters and snubnosed revolvers today.


I agree. Let’s keep at least Boing Boing free-ish of cool-let’s-not-spend-a-second-researching posts.


Apparently so… you created a new user account just for this?


hey just be thankful Cory didn’t post the exact same link 2 posts later