Be sure not to hold your sawed-off shotgun at the end of the barrel


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Bugs is completely blocking the barrel, that will cause the gone to explode back in the shooter’s face, everyone knows that. But if your fingers are only partially blocking the barrel or alongside it, then you’ll get hurt.


Oh, then I should be alright then?



A sawed-off shotgun is not really the kind of thing you aim carefully like that.

“I hit the target perfectly. . . also all these other targets around it.”


Okay, so thats how you don’t blow off a “fanger,” but what good reason is there to ever shoot such a thing?


It is my understanding that this kind of weapon is appropriate to fight in close quarters, such as bank branches. Easy to hide, scary, and forgiving to poor aiming skills.



Pushing the emergency button and doing your best to duck out of sight seem like much better ideas when fights erupt in bank branches.


This is where ‘rule of cool’ comes into play.


Pretty much only shits and giggles…

Unless you have a need to F-up a large area indiscriminately, then buckshot in a sawed off shotgun is a really frighteningly effective tool (which honestly, nobody pretty much ever needs…)


Not if you are trying to rob the bank. :wink:

They are popular for this kind of jobs in countries with restrictive gun laws, as they can be converted from hunting shotguns.


So how many fangers do you still have? :upside_down_face:


In the eight months it took to extend our house, two contractors shot themselves in the hand with nail guns.


Um… video games.


Nobody f***s with the Jesus.


IIRC, short barrel shotguns were originally cavalry weapons.

The reasoning is similar to why medieval cavalry carried short-hafted axes or maces as backup weapons: quick to draw, unlikely to accidentally bash your mount in the head with it, handy for discouraging the infantryman who’s trying to pull you off your horse.

So, if you ever find yourself on a motorcycle during the zombie apocalypse…


As soon as I saw that it was Hickok45 (Greg Kinman) in the video I knew that no one was going to lose any fingers. The guy is a firearms expert, and his videos are quite educational as well as entertaining.


so that it fits in your favorite bank robbing bag


To piss off damnyankees who look down on you for your southern accent?


And if you need an instructional demonstration to remind you not to put your finger in front of the dangerous end of a loaded shotgun, well, perhaps you should not be handling it at all.