70 years of douchebag style


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wrong…soul patches and mullets were not a 70s thing.



Needz moar Trilby.


No kidding, eh? The 70’s were all about bad haircuts and this mustache:


Don’t make me drop Sean Connery as Zed from Zardoz!


Oh no, allow me!


A bad thing you did. A very bad thing.



Here are John Boorman’s comments on ‘Zardoz’. Interesting reading. (I liked the article writer’s name for Connery’s ‘codpiece’: “mankini/diaper”



And who associates the Kenickie pompadour with the 60s, rather than, say, 1958?

Or even 1957?


Definitely 50’s; it’s called a ‘duck-ass’.


Yeah, you’d have to be living in Squaresville to pull off a ducktail by the mid 60s.

Though I am beginning to notice a Superman influence on Elvis in 1965.


None of these decade-by-decade “fashion” videos have been accurate. I suspect that’s why Mark keeps posting them…we keep coming back to tear 'em apart.


Is it because the Youngs really don’t know any better, or do they just enjoy trolling us Olds?


Sweeping cultural transitions going on in the mid 60s. Yes. Duck-ass was pretty much dead by then. Apart from the Beatle-style haircuts still then hanging around, there is – to my mind – little difference between what I see now (we are living in the anything goes, post-modern age, of course) and the range of men’s hair styles seen during the mid 60s (whether one was square or not). Example: I never thought that crew cuts would ever come back.




These videos were due for a parody. Well done! ha ha


Possibly both, but the consistency of fail leans me more toward Youngs being too damned lazy to do proper research. Or even simple Google image searches.

{edt} You know how long it took me to find that Playgirl cover? About 3 seconds. Finding Mr. Connery took even less time. Maybe I’m being too hard on the Youngs, maybe they simply lack the cultural references us Oldz do and suck at googlefu.