WATCH: UFO release orb in new video


Looks like a pretty typical meteorite burning up in atmosphere. The orb was probably a piece “exploding” off during burn up.


Maybe it had a baby?


More importantly, why are the last three minutes of the video black? Is it government censored? Did the spacealiens use some kind of device to erase the the most revealing part of the footage? Or is the guy filming it hiding something, like maybe when he sheds his skin like a V? I smell a conspiracy.

Seriously though that’s a strange orb. It doesn’t look like it’s a lens flare or reflection, and it seems to be accelerating in the opposite direction and up, which one would not expect from a piece of a meteor. My first thought was maybe some kind of plasma, similar to something like ball lightening. But the movement of it is very strange.

If only CNN had some video ready to go in these sort of circumstances.




It may be pretty well going down instead. The fragment seems to be rather small, otherwise splitting it off would alter the parent body’s trajectory and the child would have a pronounced trail, which it has none or negligible.

Too bad we don’t have the same footage from two angles so we could reconstruct the 3d trajectory.

The fragment went away from the sun, i.e. went in the direction of the earth’s rotation, like the air it was hitting.

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I really dislike when people cry “fake”, but “fake.” There are problems with the contrail to start. The way it pulses and changes shape very rapidly is not like any real smoke trail (meteor) or contrail (aircraft) behaves. Shockwaves would be more regular and wouldn’t “pulse” the way this one does. The fact that the “orb” that flies off does so at a constant velocity is problematic, too. It’s also suspiciously regular in its shape and leaves no contrail of its own. Just a perfectly round, fuzzy (CGI) dot. Meh.

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Looks like a rocket launch. The orb was probably a spent booster or thrust stage falling away.

I once saw a very peculiar thing very similar to this, and it turned out it was a launch from Vandenburg AFB.

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That was clearly an emergency ejection…

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Welp, there goes my ride. :boom:


Keep in mind that alien ships likely dont behave and act like human made ships do. Your convincing observations indicate this craft is not typical behavior of human made designs, so clearly this is an alien ship.


It also doesn’t seem to leave a trail.

Possibly this?

A date to the video would be a good place to start.

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I suppose nobody’s going to mention the giant Pyramid in the foreground, thousands of miles away from Egypt. There is the real mystery.


And you have you degree in what again?

I’ve seen this before when I lived in SoCal. Its a satellite launch. Rocket first and then the satellite going into orbit. However when I saw it happening in real time I stopped my car in the street–thought it was a missile.


Awwww, a UFO baby! Will there be a baby shower? A UFO baby meteor shower, with planetary destruction, and cupcakes?


It is a meteor fireball. I saw one once in San Diego. It was very large and moving very fast. Sounded like a jet airplane. Once it arrived overhead, it split 4 pieces off of it…2 broke and headed 20° away to either side…the other 2 broke off and headed perpendicular on either side. The main body continued out of the earth’s atmosphere…it was that big and moving that fast.

Either that or the relief ship from my home planet was early and piloted very poorly! -)


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