Watch ultrasensitive microphones barely register owls flying


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The great Bill Bailey offers his take on the fundamental Owlness of Owls:




I was all set to poke fun at the headline – how can you WATCH microphones barely registering a sound? – but it turns out you can, and it’s really amazing to watch!


We saw a great grey owl recently, and the kids were able to hear the effect first hand (if it hadn’t been for all the commentary):


I was in the backyard once and an owl swooped right by my head. The only reason I knew was because I saw it. Total silence when it went by - like watching a YouTube video with the sound off. I’ve had a hawk swoop by me, and plenty of smaller birds, and you can always hear the whoosh of air. The owl experience was surreal.


“Just listen to the psychedelic colors of this peacock’s tail!!”




After inadvertently taking this Rorschach test, I am deeply disappointed in my personal psychology. When I saw the headline, I thought ‘those are some crap microphones,’ instead of ‘my, what silent flyers owls are.’ I now need to retreat to my fortress of solitude to re-orient my engagement with the world.


Wow, first our drones, and now we are supposed to register our owls? Thanks Obama…


Awesome viddie,thanks Andrea! But aren’t you on @jlw’s turf here? :wink:


hashtag: superbowl.


That gum you like is going to come back in style.


At the other end of the dynamic spectrum is the American turkey. I was once walking thru some woods and thought a small plane was going over head until I looked up and saw a flock of turkeys gliding along. They’re sure as heck not going to sneak up on anything while they’re flying.


Turkeys can be incredibly silent on the ground or in trees, though.

Stepping on one in high grass and having it explode into noisy flight is a bowel-loosening experience.

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