Watch: video of a stable plasma torus


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I didn’t think anything would be better than the book, but the video turned out great!


I found the book “stable plasma torus” a tedious read. It kept looping over the same material.


I liked it better when it was called:


Plasma torus with sprinkles

plasma torus with sprinkles

And close up


Plasma based electromagnetic solar sail?


We are the Borg. Resistance is futile.



Stable? It looks bi-polar to me.


You would prefer the solar physics one, then. The plasma loops on the sun keep breaking and reforming in a different place, like a 1960s band.


Looks like an HHGG spinoff. Marvin the paranoid bread.



When that baby hits 88 mph you’re gonna see some serious shit.


I wonder if they could use this technique for fusion reactors instead/in addition of the magnetic trap.


rectum? No, it was stable.


Critics Raved:

“it had so many twists!”

“the main hole was a bit disappointing as everything seemed to revolve around that.”

“it was a charged exploration of important matters.”


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