WATCH: Wanderers: breathtaking location shoots from our solar system




Oh dear, I’m afraid there’s something in my eye.


I like to imagine that my g’g’g’granddaughter might be like that woman in the clouds of Saturn and I’d like to write her a note.


First the new star wars teaser NOW THIS ?!?

Goin totes Spasoid Nerdburger this week!


IMO he’s using some crazy-strong telephotos there, and has really played with contrast to pop the colors. Planets/rings filling that big of the FoV? Bands that distinct? It’s pretty, for sure… but a lot of space is a bit more drab.


Couldn’t you find a parade somewhere?


In the future we will live on the many different worlds in our solar system. Unfortunately, really good steady cam technology will always remain beyond our reach.


Bring it.


With you there. I gotta take phonecalls now with my voice cracking.


I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve watched it or shown a colleague. Still gets me every time.


Where is planet Ying Yang? (at 1:53 in this clip)


That’s Iapetus, one of the moons of Saturn. From the Wanderers imgur gallery:

I recommend turning to the wikipedia site for more reading on Iapetus, for example about its unique “yin/yang” coloring, being almost entirely white on one side, and dark brown on the other…

Hence, why wouldn’t humans graffiti a giant yin yang symbol on the planet?! :slight_smile:


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