Watch Warhol eat a Whopper


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My favorite factoid about Warhol is that he sometimes sent lookalikes to events on his behalf so he could collect lecture fees without doing any of the work. A very innovative use of the “franchise” model.


So that’s what killed him…


Well, that and the lifelong health impacts caused by Valerie Solanas’ bullet.



Rapper MF Doom is notorious for pulling that stunt when he doesn’t feel like actually performing.


Harder to get away with in the Information Age. Nowadays you can just compare the speaker’s face to an image on your smartphone. Warhol only got caught because a university official at one of his body-double’s speaking engagements knew the real guy.


Hey! He’s copying me.


God do I hate pop art


Didn’t Aphex Twin do something similar with interviews?

He didn’t like doing them so he would get a friend to do it instead.


Mmmm Whopper!


Epic Tea Time did it right.


Suffering from hunger more than ASMR.

Also waiting for Lars von Trier to pop up and tell them both they’re not really trying.


All I got out of that was the knowledge that Warhol hadn’t clue how to get ketchup out of a bottle. or what to do with it once it’s out of the bottle.


He was just looking for a hotdog to put it on.


But he did know how to get it into an art gallery.


And a shopping mall. One of our local shopping malls has a few original Warhols hanging in the hallways. And other nice pieces.


Is it some regional difference, or is that totally not a Whopper?

Over here they are bigger and have lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, mayo and sauce (ketchup) on them as standard. Been like that since the mid 70’s at least.

They sell what he’s having as a “Hamburger” here.


That sounds exactly like something he’d do.


What, Andy, no fries?