Macaulay Culkin Eating Pizza vs. Andy Warhol Eating a Hamburger


Bravo Andy! More elegant, less self-conscious.

No David Hasselhoff eating a hamburger?



I bet the seasoning doesn’t come out because they used a brand-new bottle and they seal those babies up with a paper seal inside the lid to keep it fresh.


Warhol keeping it true yinzer style with the Heinz. There is no other ketchup.

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Why do I like Culkin so much? I don’t know… I guess I should have gone to see the show.

Because “what is art?”

Are these art? Is one art and not the other? Are they art because of who they are or is that irrelevant?

Most of Warhol’s stuff can be boiled down to that basic question and what Pop Art is trying to challenge a lot of. Is a painting of a soup can art or is the can itself art?

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And of course gestural mimicry has a different nuance in a different era.

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He’s also more deceased.

Andy’s got a better wig.

Everything tastes better in glass.

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How about Andy Warhol eats Macaulay Culkin?

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Can the soup can and the painting both be art.

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You bet, that was Warhol’s point, the elevation of the daily and mass produced into art. Someone took the time to create that soup can label and he wanted their work recognized.

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