WATCH: What is the resonant frequency of googly eyes?

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That was exceedingly disappointing.

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And BoingBoing itself?

Henceforth known as the Barney Effect.


I’d call it “mildly disappointing”. It was a bit boring but watchable; could be done better but would pass my “somewhat interesting” threshold.

I’d advise to keep the more extreme adjectives to more extreme disappointments; it sucks when you run out of words when the situation actually deserves them.

Pretty sure thats not resonant frequency.
It’s just googly eyes stuck to a speaker and when there’s enough amplitude, the amount the speaker shakes, the eyes shake too.

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If I had to grade this result, I would give it almost an A.

I did expect something more unexpected (to coin a phrase), like the out-of-sync metronomes turning into a relentless marching army. And secretly feared all the eyes would suddenly, terrifyingly, turn to look right at me.

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resonant frequency is a natural frequency of vibration determined by the physical parameters of the vibrating object.

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I was just expecting them to shatter en-masse.

This is quite impressive in a wonky kind of way. There is a lot of junk out there about 433 Hz as a ‘natural relaxation frequency’ and a ‘harmonic of the universe’, and how all music should be re-tuned to use this as A instead of 440 Hz…

…and now they have a sound experimental basis. Huzza. Well done. Maybe.

Here’s a good review paper on human/primate googly eyes (AKA microsaccades):

The observed frequencies (not resonant frequencies) are in the ~.7 to 1.5 Hz range.

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