Watch what it's like to attempt standing on liquid mercury

As someone who touched… things when he had poison ivy on his hands, I can agree with that.


Yes, that is an excellent and highly accessible example.

Everybody in my generation did, as everyone had some in the house in the form of broken thermometers. Back in 5th grade the kids used to pool ours together and have all kinds of fun with it, if our parents were suspicious at the rate at which thermometers had to be replaced they never showed it.

Maybe he (and those he had buried with him) really liked felt hats.

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Not that it matters, but this is redundant, since shi huangdi means first emperor.

@Mister44 I wonder if that is the terminator sinking, melting, or reacting? Mercury can be extremely reactive with some metals, like aluminum.

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I’m no scientist, but, uh, wouldn’t there be a way to test this idea without using your actual feet?

I wonder what the metacentric height is for a pair of boots in mercury?

File this video under “Kids, don’t try this at home.”

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