Watch when Lyft passengers find out their driver is actually Chance the Rapper


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I’m so out of it, that I actually wouldn’t know who he was. :slightly_frowning_face:


“Do you know who you are?” :laughing:

Slightly disappointed they didn’t call it Chance Encounters though.


Chance pulls this stunt to bring attention to…


Just sayin’


Watch when Lyft passengers find out their driver is actually Jack the Ripper


…who is pulling the stunt to draw attention to his charity, the New Ripper Fund…


Yeah, me neither.

Now, if it was Chance the Gardener, I’d be (1) very glad to meet him and (2) worried that he probably doesn’t know how to drive.


That last lady’s reaction was just the purest thing ever, she seems like such a sweet person :slight_smile:


I know of him from Saturday Night Live. He’s guest-hosted and performed there a couple of times. Here he is on SNL as the Pizza Delivery Guy:


He delivers the pizza?


Frick, yea!

He certainly did… and with a “sausage”. Watch the video.


I guess I’d hop in and introduce myself as Brian the Lyft Passenger.


Yeah, add me to “Chance the Who?” crowd.


I don’t know his music at all, but here in Chicago he makes news for doing awesome things so often that I just think of him as “Chance the Philanthropist.”


I’m crying over here, what an awesome human being.


I don’t follow him either but i’ve seen him mentioned with a lot of love. I don’t know anything about his philanthropic work or music but it’s definitely good to know that he’s got a good heart


Um, since when the heck do riders jump in the front seat for a Lyft? That be weird, yo.


Who the what?


Rap the Chancer.


Who the hell is Chance the Rapper and why should I care?