Watch: why you should never stand under the load of a crane

same with the helmets


Ha! I did not watch this in years. What makes this a notch more funny for me is that the narrator in the video is the same narrator as in the German dubbed version of “Starship Troopers” which makes it sound extra propagandy.


Wow, the dubbing doesn’t even match the mouth movements.

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Oh Don’t Get Me Started…too late, you did!

Dubbed German movies are the worst. High ends productions that sound like they were dubbed in a basement by a bunch of students paid in Aldi beer. I can get German TV channels here and I sometimes watch them but never an English movie or series… too cringe >.<


Like this? :smiley:

I’d like to say that this is why Kranplätze always have to be verdichtet but clearly this wasn’t the problem here.

But anyway, this is why you always, always wear a hard hat around machinery. Even this lucky break wouldn’t have been lucky if that guy had had his head caved in.

Having worked inside the movement radius of an excavator, something that is usually a big no no but absolutely necessary for archaeologists, I would never go near one without a hi viz vest, a hard hat and clear eye contact with the operator


They were in shock. You better believe there was a lot of screaming later. And the site will absolutely have been shut down after this. As @FGD135 says, the Berufsgenossenschaft, doesn’t fuck around where safety is concerned. At least after the fact. There are far too few safety inspections of running sites IMO.


In less happy news, this happened yesterday.

The crane was being dismantled at the time. Never stand under a crane.


This was pretty intense. My cousin’s husband is one of the safety people this site. There was a small windows of time where we didn’t know if he was okay or not (he is).



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