Watch: Woman rides through security x-ray machine to keep an eye on her purse


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Free check-up!


good bone structure.


“getting an unneeded dose of radiation”


I had an idea for a new category of porn.



Beat me to it…! Pernicious nonsense!!!


I used to work for a company that manufactured MRIs and ultrasound equipment. I believe there were a couple films and such of sexual congress. Didn’t look like much to me, but what do I know? I thought of it like folks who photocopy their butt or junk for a laugh. Or, uh, so I’m told, by a, uh, friend, yeah, uh.


Now I’ve seen everything.



New! SupermanVision™ Technology, coming to your TV set!


reminds me of the trope of anime porn where they cut to a weird, semi-anatomical cutaway view…that I’ve…uh…read about…


Can’t see the video for some reason. In the still, what the hell is happening to her head? And why can I clearly see her upper lung parts?

I really would like to scan a lot of I interesting stuff with those colourised scans. Endoparasites, e.g.


I want Security, to take your picture, so I can look at you from inside as well


I used to have a friend who did just that, so long ago now.
But it wasn’t porn exactly, it was art.




There are no new categories of porn. Drone porn isn’t even new.


That’s not safe sex.


Paul Pope beat you to it…