Watch woman torture husband with relentless Alanis Morissette impressions


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Oh, so we are doing riffs on Alanis Morissette’s cover of the Black-Eyed Peas’ My Humps now, are we? See you and raise you, Lexicat:


He should take her to IKEA for revenge


The husband sounds kind of genuinely pissed off when he says “stop”. I don’t know. I guess different people have different relationships, but I’m glad I’m not party to this one.

(although if I was, my proportional response would be the Wesley Willis song “Alanis Morissette”)



Till death do you part.



I end up coming across this thing about every six months and I’m always in tears by the end. It’s almost as reliably funny as Dana Carvey as Tom Brokaw pre-taping President Ford’s death announcements.



A month of Jar Jar, sense I do.


Wouldn’t be half as annoying if her singing weren’t so awful.


I agree. Also there’s dicking around, and then there’s being a dick in public.


Meh, it’s their relationship. Not my place to judge. Just saying it hurt my ears, and I like Morisette’s music.

Not judging this woman’s singing though either. I can’t hold a pitch to save my life, and I’m a lifelong amateur musician. But I also can’t stand my own singing. I envy people who can sing on key.


That escalatored quickly



(EDIT: Gawdamn, but wading through everyone’s take on how to edit animated gifs bites. Thank the gods for GIMP)


I’m really starting to wonder about other people; surely I can’t be the only person who values a partner that helps ‘soothe my weary soul’ over one that exacerbates my irritations.

Isn’t that what random, everyday people are for?


Playful in-jokes are one thing; but going out of one’s way to aggravate someone you care about just seems like seeking negative attention.


I am well known for making no stop puns. My spouse groans often and early when I begin to get on a roll.

But this seems a bit beyond that to me.


I’d have called a divorce lawyer after a week. You want to toy with people? Good for you.


Well, in her defense, that sweater he’s wearing on the escalator is a real nightmare.


seeking negative attention? them them them.


A good and witty pun onslaught is good.

A good and witty pun onlsaught back and forth is double plus good.