WATCH: World record smallest 7x7x7 Rubik's Cube


Hated it when it came out and I still hate it now…mostly because I could never solve it. BUT I HATE IT REAL GOOD

So it comes blank and you need to apply all the stickers yourself? That sounds harder than trying to solve the dang thing.


If the original was 7x7x7, and the new one is 3.4x3.4x3.4, then it’s very much not “half the size of the original.”

At 343 cm^3 versus 39.3 cm^3, the new cube is slightly more than one-ninth the size of the original.

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@stephen_schenck Oops, thanks for catching that. It’s half the width, but I think one-fourth the size (6.8x6.8x6.8 vs. 3.4x3.4x3.4). Math is hard!

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Yeah, but even then, that’s still not one-fourth the size :stuck_out_tongue:

6.8^3 = 314 cm^3
3.4^3 = 39 cm^3

So, one-eighth the size, not one-fourth.

You’re right again! .5^3!

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