WATCH: world's largest popsicle stick bomb


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That’s pretty cool - more entertaining to watch than dominoes. I used to make “popsicle stick bombs” as a child and throw them like hand grenades. All part of my rebellion against my peacenik parents, which also included trading my wooden Christopher Robin style pop-gun for a plastic M16.


Weapon of Mass Distraction.

So much corporate sponsorship! Are popsicle sticks that expensive?

A quick check on Alibaba found that a carton of 10,000 sticks goes for about $15-$35 depending on custom printing and size. It seems someone should build a robot to set these and take the new world record.

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I like ‘Xyloexplosive’.


Sticks are not so expensive - But the Event consisted of more than some sticks… - maybe you can’t immagine: but the costs for such a big event are very high and without the financial help of ALL These sponsors that wouldn’t be possible… (I know that because i organized the Event)

I can easily imagine. It sounds interesting - tell us more!

All in all 21 people from Germany, Switzerland and Austria set up the world record.

The builders need an accommodation, food, beverages, etc.
You also need to get a hall which isn’t very easy.
Dominoes also cost a lot of Money (one piece - 4 Cent)
and of course, there are many other costs for such a big Event.

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