Brave try at world sparkler record fails on technicality in Wyoming

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I clicked on this in the hope that it would be about one really, really big sparkler.


would you say the attempt fizzled out?


Just a flash in the pan.


When the townsfolk hear about this, I’m sure sparks will fly!


They call the large ones thermal lances.

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Do the rules allow sparklers to be lit from other sparklers? Arrange a search tree of people (and then shoot overhead video from a drone.)

            / \
             10                     10
        /         \
      10 ......... 10              100
      /               \
    10 ............... 10        1,000
    /                      \
  10 ...................... 10  10,000

11,111 sparklers

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I was disappointed to see that this Story didn’t involve an explosion or a huge fire.


This is the first world record I could imagine myself breaking. $500 dollars in sparklers and some logistics (and probably some fire extinguishers).

No hopping backward on one food for 36 hours straight while Hoola hooping and juggling live cats.


Needs more roach-clip.

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I’m surprised that Burdette want’s to have another attempt - I thought she’d be burnt out by the first effort.


It’s time to face the fact that humanity’s glories are all behind us. Our ancestors learned to farm, sailed ships into the unknown, and took competitive sparkler-lighting to its peak. We are but children burning our fingers on the still-hot metal sticks they left behind.


Guinness World Records ruled that each participant was required to light his or her own sparkler

So… burning down a sparkler factory wouldn’t count, then?

/drops matches, backs away


Are sparklers also considered fireworks or a sub-category? What exactly are the rules?

Not a good idea as it happens. I acquired many packets of sparklers and took them to a party where I got rather baked. Then, remembering the sparklers, rather than hand them around for people to enjoy, I thought I’d assemble them altogether and then hand the lit ones out. It seemed like a pretty innocent idea. So I had a wad of sparklers about 6 inches around and proceeded to ignite them. And you know those little sparks they throw off that tickle the skin? Well, when they are en masse those sparks don’t tickle and it becomes a scary hot inferno pdq. It was all I could do to shove people out of the way and dump them in the kitchen sink before I set the whole place on fire. Talk about a killbuzz.

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Wow, you folks have no sense of whimsy. Everything must have a purpose. No silly records, just for the sake of having done it.

Frankly BoingBoing I’m disappointed.
(and my apologies for the above statement to those who can delight in the sheer stupid fun of something)

I’m going to find some even more ridiculous record and break it just so I can say I did here. (how many live slugs do I have to fit in my pants?)


I can tell you, because I have know at least two people that beat or at least tried to beat (can’t remember if they succeeded) a Guinness World Record.

Someone probably read about some stupid record, thought 10 seconds about it, and then said “I could totally beat that stupid record easy!”

They then probably spent a few dozen hours setting something up, meeting people, and in general consuming their time in a fun, social, and friendly way to do something essentially meaningless. If they had succeeded, the reward would have been a fun piece of small talk to use at parties or on dates, and whatever joy they got out of organizing and meeting people. If they failed, they got the exact same thing, minus the record to prove it acting as the cherry on top.

People beat stupid world records for the fun whimsy of it. They do it to do something pointlessly social. They don’t do it because they feel “small”. It’s usually just an extrovert looking for an excuse to extrovert. Be less of a dull wet blanket suspicious of the motives of others. Just because you are a bore doesn’t mean everyone else is too.


That’s still not one very, very large sparkler, just a large-ish bundle of regular sparklers.
And how many of us can honestly say that at one time or another he hasn’t set fire to a large-ish bundle of sparklers? I know I have.

Wyoming is not Florida.