This toy is called a wooden penguin bomb

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The sound it makes is vaguely reminiscent of the Mario Death Sound.

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Deploy the Penguins!

Seriously, having a couple of dozen of these suddenly pop up from the floor in a large room (lobby, open plan office, …) would be nice.


Just what I was looking for! Waugh!


What’s on the telly then?


To be specific, it’s a kinetic-energy-bomb. Similar to a stick bomb or the paired ball drop.


A mention of Mario and none of the penguins from 64?

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But is it TSA-approved?

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That’s probaby why I made the association in the first place.

Someone wants to violate the Ottawa Treaty when they grow up. In an adorable way, of course.

No way! They’re gonna have so much fun with all the Penguin Bombs they confiscate!

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Well that will keep a kid’s attention for moments.

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Want. Want. Want.

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Instant Pingu !

Cool. I’ve seen similar things made out of card used for direct mailings; the difference being they expand as soon as they’re removed from the envelope. Pretty memorable.

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Tiny-finger penguin pinch!

Oooh, nice Pengin! I’ll trade you my Chu-chu Nezumi for it!

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