Watch: young dolphins learn to spin


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Maybe they do it because it looks like the most fun thing to do ever.


that’s what i think: they do it because it’s fun!

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So it’s the finger snap that goes with “Oh no you didn’t… just eat my mackerel, boy”?

On another note, someone needs to compile all this dolphin jumping/spinning footage and set it to the Blue Danube.

That’s my working hypothesis too. It is possible that skateboarders are just trying to shake off parasites, I suppose.


I’m getting this all the time recently, big G wanting their obnoxious tracking cookies on your system i suppose. Don’t want them, citizen? Then you can damn well root out the url yourself.

Why? My guess is: to impress the chicks.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Geez, somebody had to say it!

Yeah. When they say “We don’t know why they do this.” I think, “We don’t know why humans play baseball, either!” I mean we do, and we don’t. It’s fun! It has social benefits. It’s good exercise. Etc, etc, yadda, yadda. It just seems to me like this is one of those things where figuring out some single reason WHY they do it is less important than figuring out all the different ways that the behavior benefits them.

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If I were a dolphin, that’s definitely what I would do.

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