Watchdogs 2: hacker kids led by a kid named Marcus fight the DHS in San Francisco

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It sounds like Little Brother perhaps? If you can hack your RFID card, you can hack a chopper too

Glad to see that you’re sticking to your principles here. But maybe your publisher can ask Ubisoft to stick in a plug for your books somewhere? That would be a win for everyone.


And they didn’t give you a heads-up at least? Bit dodgy. Maybe there will be copies of the books lying around though.


They had made similar promises about the original, and the hackability turned out to be a bit lacking in the released game.

Also chances are since it’s a AAA title from UbiSoft it will very likely require UPlay DRM and an always on internet connection.


How hackable? Can you make a new internet with xboxen?


Your description of the game is lackluster. Marcus doesn’t lead Dedsec. And they aren’t exactly ‘kids’ As we saw saw with T-Dog and Aiden in the first game hackers can be older.
Nonetheless I really loved the first game and am extremely excited for this one!

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Lol - they couldn’t even tweek the character enough to get away from a kid named Marcus in SF? Hopefully he at least has a different handle.

I’m guessing original story guy had LB names as stand ins and left team at some point and no one else had a clue about the basis or origin of the story.


Sounds like a good idea for a YA novel, you should get on that Cory!


The first Watchdogs was so aggressively mediocre. Some great ideas let down by a completely flat protagonist and largely absent story.

Hopefully this one will be better.

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Ubisoft Tower Climbing 2016 2: The one with the hackers!

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