Wave tank simulation of coastal defenses

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9:59: “Rock armour is really effective”

I’ll second that.


I want one to play with at home.


If you like this and you live in the SF area, be sure to check out the bay model (it’s free!).


Saw that when I visited SF years ago. Very cool. Recommended.

And that video was both wonderful AND educational!


I was kind of hoping for a final test… “And now we’ll see what happens when we use ALL OF THEM!!! [mad scientist laugh] [lightning flash] [dramatic music].”

A boy can dream.


I want to see the NRA method of defense. When you see a bad wave coming ashore, get a gun and start shooting it!


1] Fill bathtub
2] Get in


I’m a sucker for the House Hunter type shows, and the ones where they look for beachfront properties… oh man. Of course there’s never mention about coastal erosion, storm surges and the like.

Nope, just people with means, wanting direct (private) beach access, and that is the extent of their thoughts. There are bare stilts on either side of them (where a house once stood before the last storm washed it out to sea), their stairs down to beach are mostly covered in shifting sands.

Then again, how many cities are built on the sides of mostly-dormant volcanoes, or bottom of ancient glacier valleys (mine) or on active faults. One way or another, everything gets returned to the original property owner (Mother Nature).


He missed the best and most effective solution.


I remember a large store in londonium selling an animation tank like that used in the video I wanted to buy I think but never got round to it

Oooh wave tanks…

You can improve the surface tension and viscosity scaling with things like alcohol instead of water; bit of a fire risk, though…

I like the stepped revetment because it’s a nice place to sit at the beach. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve seen oyster growth on the rock armour solution… yuck.

What I really wanted was one of the apples off the tree behind the presenter. :yum:

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First of all, coastal defenses without mines, bunkers and artillery? Sure, Jan. At the very least you should have a castle with archers and a trebuchet or two. Or kids on bikes with slingshots. Or giant mechs, in case of kaiju.

Second, how hard would it have been to put an actually little miniature city and the end, so we could watch buildings topple and little plastic people drown?

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One way or another, everything gets returned to the original property owner (Mother Nature).

Trees. I kill hundreds in my lawn every spring. In our neighborhood it would be fifty years and you’d be back to a forest.

Yeah, we’re not jaded here at all. :grinning: Seriously, though - it was a little bland, but I got to learn a new word (revetment), and see how coastal defenses are modeled, all without some annoying YouTuber using stupid voices. Worth my 5 minutes.

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