Way too many burger chains still pump antibiotics into their meat

Counterpoint: my dad worked for the health department, and was very involved with the restaurant inspection system. He happily eats fast food.

Chain restaurants have food hygiene programs and private inspectors to promote good hygiene within the chain, because as we have seen with Chipotle, one restaurant having a Food Borne Illlness can tank the entire chain.

Individual restaurants only have the county health department and the perhaps uneducated in food safety ownership staff to determine their food safety program.

I mostly eat at local places because they taste better. I also have a sensitive digestion, and pay for it several times a year.


What is RTE?

This is what I came here to say. It’s about the weight gain more than the health. And yet we keep blaming obesity on a lack of will power in humans…


Exactly. My spouse spent four months on low dose antibiotics earlier this year and added about 10% to her weight. She has struggled with her weight all her life, so this was very demoralizing.


i was disappointed to see 5 guys with an f rating ; they are very tasty ; and the oil blanched real potatoe fries rule as well !!

Yeah I’m a little confused by that. The only RTE i know is the Irish public broadcasting operation.

There’s nothing “suspect” about them, and noone referenced them. Perhaps confusion with RT (Russia Today), but noone referenced them either.

BK microwaves most of the burgers it puts out. Those “grill lines” are effectively printed on the patty. And a good number of the locations near me don’t even have the grill. Their whole “charbroiled” thing has been a fiction for years. And where they use the grill at all its to cook things off before service. That’s not a “vegans ruined it” issue. Its a “corporate restaurants stopped cooking and prepping most things in house 3 decades ago” problem.


Ready To Eat


We love the Beyond burger patties, and make them at home whenever we’re in the mood for a burger. A little pricey at $2.50-3 per patty, but compared to a prepared fast food version, still a bargain.

Beyond makes a pretty amazing Bratwurst now, too!


Well, at least after brexit this meat will be legal to import into the UK. Lucky us.

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I eat fast food burgers once in a while, and I definitely don’t want antibiotics in the meat. It’s unnecessary and irresponsible to promote antibiotic resistance, whether in over-prescribing to humans or prophylactic use in livestock.


Actually the FDA does regulate this on a per drug basis based on studies submitted to the FDA. They publish approvals and rules for each drug and they generally include a clause like “Discontinue treatment with the drug at least 20 days prior to slaughter of the animal.”

You might argue they aren’t given enough time to metabolize or flush the drugs, but you can’t honestly say that they aren’t given time.

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It is entirely possible to eat meat, including from fast food chains and still be opposed to our use of antibiotics. The FDA, those noted hardcore vegans, introduced an antimicrobial resistance program after they had to pull fluoroquinolone from the food supply after over use in poultry. https://www.fda.gov/animalveterinary/guidancecomplianceenforcement/guidanceforindustry/ucm216939.htm The NIH has also been studying the issue and while the evidence is muddy it looks like our use of antibiotics in animal feed contributes to a substantial number of human deaths each year.


In lots of the places I’ve lived you have access to the health department info. In my experience the major chain fast food places have been much better about cleanliness than small shops. They aren’t necessarily clean per se, but usually miles beyond the local diner.

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I’m disabled, ordering inside isn’t a good option for me.

dalgoda7, do you find these burgers in the super market? Lucky you! I look for it but haven’t seen anything yet in Japan except some reports that it’s coming.

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We just got them in select supermarkets within the last year or two.

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Ah, fair enough.

They’ve only been on the market for months. Maybe a year. They “launched” it in 2016. But it was only sold through certain very specific high end restaurants, and as part of limited marketing events until really recently. Effectivelt as test marketing.

Friend of mine’s restaurant was “selected” to “test” the burgers around this time last year. This turned out to be an Impossible Foods employee dropping off a single package for him to personally taste. Then basically telling him he couldn’t order them when he asked about wholesale price and distribution. I think he said they became available whole sale by the end of the year. He’s not carrying them. But the first time I saw them in a supermarket was just last week. And the first time I saw an announcement about a supermarket chain carrying them was the spring.

I doubt they’ll be getting exported any time soon. They seem to have a pretty restricted production and a really agressive scarcity based marketing approach.

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