In-N-Out pledges to use only beef not treated with antibiotics for its burgers

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Is it sad that I kinda miss White Castle?
I will have to give In-N-Out another try on my next visit to sunny CA.

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Thank you. Was gonna say.


They won’t “now” contain beef not treated with antibiotics: “we’ve asked our suppliers to accelerate their progress towards establishing antibiotic alternatives”, said the spokesman, but “did not lay out a timeline for that change”.

Also, I’ve eaten In-N-Out burgers before, and even taken antibiotics directly, but I still don’t compare to Barry Bonds in home-run-hitting prowess (or head size). I think he might have been on something else.


Now if only In-N-Out could make french fries that a human can eat…

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In a foolishly nostalgic, masochistic kind of way, absolutely!

I associate White Castle with bleary, fatigue-loopy adventures with college friends thirty years ago. It was a tradition for the crew of the campus SF convention, after everything had been cleaned up in the wee hours of Monday morning, to visit and order a pile of burgers and fries and shakes. There were some VERY strange people hanging out there at that time. Like a deranged guy with a ventriloquist dummy.

Oh, man, and there was the time we took Guest of Honor Harlan Ellison there. He gushed at the awfulness of it in one of his appearances. “Man, what great shit food! I don’t know what went into that toadburger, but in life it was not a happy animal.”

I really need to make time to visit one next time I’m on Long Island.

OTOH, I really like In-n-Out because they make good affordable burgers. I wish they’d extend their “fresh food only” distribution chain so it could reach the Portland / Vancouver area.


You have BurgerVille which is better if you ask me.


Not to mention…


oh also this,

They are 12 years ahead of In-N-Out burgers:

In 2004, Burgerville switched to range-fed beef raised without hormones and antibiotics.[5] In 2007, it began composting food waste which is expected to result in an 85% reduction in waste and $100,000 annual savings.

And as if that wasn’t Portland enough:

In September 2009, Burgerville began allowing bicyclists to order using its drive-through windows to bicyclists after complaints from bicycle commuters. This program stands in contrast to policies at McDonald’s and Burger King, which ban bikes from drive-throughs.


Yeah they are always a planned stop if we are driving to/through that area.

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I punish my intestines with a couple of White Castle doubles every year during my trek St Louis!

Since I live in land locked beef country, I am never more than 5 minutes from a greasy burger dive, so In n Out was underwhelming for me. Next time I’m in CA, I’m saving my appetite for more fish tacos!

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I actually prefer 5 Guys, to be honest.


That’s my jam lately!

Never been a big fan of burgerville.I’m gonna bare my soul here, but a three oz patty with salt, ketchup, mustard, and two dill pickle slices is perfect.

Then again, the KE burger is probably the tasiest sammich I’ve ever had.


You don’t like Blue Moon or Uneeda (they have poutine) or Rain City Burgers?

Antibiotics are overused, but I think you’re thinking of hormones.


You are right. Oh well. Here comes the zombie menace.


I like BurgerVille a lot, but they’re a little pricey compared to I-n-O, and service isn’t as assembly-line insanely fast.

As far as I know, though, BurgerVille is the only chain that makes seasonal-fruit-flavored thick shakes. Like hazelnut and blackberry. Dang!


Okay,I just grilled every middle aged native white male Oregonian I know. And we are ashamed to admit it, but In’N Out is currently leading over burgerville by… 100%.

This does not make me proud.


Honestly… Burgerville is really expensive, not THAT great, and most people just go there for the milkshakes/smoothies. That being said I love them for their policies, politics, milkshakes, and… morals? Can a burger chain even have morals? Eh.

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Yep, just got a tad bit of diversity into my survey sample. In-n-Out > Burgerville > Mcmenamins. But Mcmenamins has beer.