In-N-Out Burger doubles down on choosing "smiles" over health

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I’ve never understood the cultish appeal of In-N-Out anyway, and the insane crowds that make eating there a hell (as well as a disease vector). The burgers are… fine? And the fries exist, I guess. It’s just fast food. :man_shrugging: I’ll certainly have no problem not eating there as long as this policy is in place.



Yes COVID is still a thing in the US. It just doesnt make the news now.

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“in our stores”
Does anyone actually go into those stores? I figured everyone is sitting idling in their cars in the drive-thru line. Those lines are always, always hugely long. I don’t get it. I don’t go there because the lines are always so damn long. That, and the fact that like Alaska Airlines, they print religious quotes on their containers.

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I don’t get it, either. When I moved to southern CA a long time ago, I tried it for the first time.
I mean, it’s ok. And honestly, I don’t really eat fast food anyway, but I appreciated that they seemed to treat employees better with higher wages, benefits, etc… Why they’re taking this stance is strange.
That being said - Five Guys makes a better burger and most certainly better fries. Literally the only time we eat fast food is stopping there in Yuma if we road trip to my in-laws in PHX.
The dogs enjoy their french fry treat when we’re done.


WTF even before the pandemic if some one who handles my food wanted to go the extra mile and wear a mask I would be grateful for their concern…


Would these face masks be in compliance with their corporate policies?
Would an employee that wore these on their own accord be disciplined?
(These are used by EMTs and responders to communicate with the deaf and hearing impaired.)



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Yeah, well get with the times and realize there aren’t too many smiles to be found in the fucking COVID ward.

Wouldn’t you rather have your employees smiling because they realize that you respect their right to be happy and healthy, and earning a good wage at your company?


There are plenty of burger places that make burgers and fries that taste as good or better than In-N-Out. What makes them unique is that pretty much nobody else sells burgers made from simple, real, recognizable ingredients at anywhere near the same price point. A regular In-N-Out burger is still just $2.15. Five Guys charges about $6.99.

Whether that justfies waiting in those crazy long lines is another question.


Next up, no more hairnets because it cramps style, and washing hands reduces employees joie de vivre, so also not allowed.
Cool. Cool.


That’s the hill I’ll die on. Is 5 Guys vs In-and-Out listed here?

It’s a silly comparison because as mentioned above an In-N-Out burger is a fraction of the price of a Five Guys burger.


You do know that there are face masks that are clear, or have a clear window so you can see the person’s mouth or entire face, right? These lets people see your precious smile and facial features without as much concern about the contents of your sinus cavity making a guest appearance in a customer’s food.

If In-n-Out has such little regard for food safety that they ban masks without justification (which for a kitchen staff seems completely reasonable — pandemic or not), it makes me question how much they care about health and safety at all.

Regardless, here’s a reminder that In-n-Out is run by Christofacists. The company was against vaccine mandates when the pandemic was running rampant, they donate money to the RNC, and they print bible verses on their packaging. They may not be as overt as Chick-fil-A with their right wing activism, but they are not a chain worth supporting.

The food is also not all that great, and like others I never understood the cultish appeal.


… corporations sure are desperate to convince their workers and employees that they are neither “workers” nor “employees” :thinking:


Is there an issue with religious people being genuinely spiritual in their work. Can’t speak to the rest of it, but the bible verses were to remember family members lost in a plane crash. The quotes are practically hidden and not in your face or anything.

It’s a bit harsh to hate on someone for practicing a bit of their own religion to remember their own familly in ther own business who literally helped past burgers reach your hungry mouth. I think it’s sweet and I don’t care for organized religion as far as I can throw a cross. It’s like hating a tattoo of someone’s beloved mother or something. Lay off already. The rest of their weirdness? Feel free to have at it.

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Which isn’t the point at all. The POINT is how they’re treating their employees. Perhaps someone is immuno-compromised, or has someone at home who is. But “smiles” matter more than their health or the health of their families, or even the customers.

And another thing - do they give their employees living wages, PTO, a good healthcare, that includes mental health? Or do they just shove bible verses at them and tell them to obey authority because god told them that’s their role in life.

Slapping bible verses on a cup is all well and good. But treating people that you employ like shit doesn’t seem much like something jesus would do.

I have no problem with Christians. I have problems with Christians who treat others like crap and then claim it’s “their faith”… fuck that. I suspect that Jesus would be ripping through most of these prosperity gospel churches raging about money changers and the like.


In this case it’s a dog whistle. But if you want to support a business that treats its workers like crap and gives to anti-democratic organizations and people who want to eliminate LGBTQ people then you do you.