We don't know how much Village Roadshow paid to buy Australia's new censoring copyright law


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/12/02/mps-for-sale.html


Village Roadshow, all the works it owns, and all the protestations of the rent seeking bastards that made this happen - all of it - needs to be stricken from google. A big fucking spoonful of it’s own medicine should take care of this.


2 million to Audi?



By not misusing the word “censorious” you have transformed me into a being of PURE LOVE


Whenever I see “AUD” it makes me think of the episode of Buffy where we see a flashback to Anya’s human life as the Swedish peasant wench Aud.


Million? With an “M”? That’s so cute! Hey, I like Australia, maybe I’ll buy me a slice!


That’s just shy of the AUD1.75 million that Malcolm Turnbull spent to temporarily become PM. They should’ve just spent the extra half mill, and led the country for however long our Prime Ministerships last for these days. Think we’re down to about 3 months or so?


Your post popped this gem out of the mental jukebox.



I kept reading this as “Antiques Roadshow” and thought, “That’s just the last straw. I’m canceling my PBS subscription!”


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