We need to talk about Marianne Williamson

Biden has definitely delivered more than expected. If he continues this trend through a second term he could match LBJ for pushing through progressive legislation despite his party establishment’s more conservative/centrist bent.

The perception remains that the party establishment is still mired in Clinton-era Third Way centrism, still prioritises the wishes of big corporate donors, still trusts bad allies like Manchin and Sinema despite numerous betrayals, and still can’t match the vicious creativity of The Lincoln Project when it comes to going after the MAGAts across the aisle. As long as that remains the situation, progressives are going to look for alternatives in the party who promise to disprupt it. The goal is to make sure those alternatives aren’t grifters like Williamson and Gabbard (or, worse, third-party no-chancers like Nader and Stein).


True. Grifters are easy to compromise though because they’re often self-serving.

I imagine if we looked for some connection to a foreign power on TikTok hard enough and long enough we could find one…

And I don’t know that myself or anyone I know of would be in a position to say whether she truly serves an ideology rooted in anything that would vastly benefit foreign governments moreso than the US, but I wouldn’t completely rule it out either…


Don’t rule out domestic enemies.


TiKTok is probably not the best thing to use as a measure of popularity in politics, or anything really, other than what kind of stupid shit people are getting up to on TikTok.


Didn’t we just oust another pablum-peddling grifter from the WH?

Besides being blatantly anti-science, some of that stuff is dangerous, and not all that far from Q-Anon think.


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