Wearable laugh sensor knows when you're feeling good


Citizen 423-09-1146 is failing to laugh despite exposure to comedy 344 episode 19. Dispatch clowns.


And now I cannot get out of my head an image of a SWAT team of clowns arriving to the scene in a too small car and then attempting a dynamic entry.

Thank you!


Can that sensor report me to the NSA for not being contented enough in relation to my GPS coordinates?

“Ut oh, Tom… we’ve got a discontented citizen near the U.S. Capitol again…”

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Surely it would be the ones who are too happy that’s the problem?

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Dear Grandma,

We love you very much, so we got you a Mk. II Hedonic Puck for remote monitoring. It means so much to us to know you are doing well without having to see it.


Your Heirs.

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