Weaving a Co-opernation

I’m thinking I might need a new lead-in, and that may help a lot.

It’s still percolating right now, but the real ‘Engine’ of this is a layer of mind-hacks.

We know that intrinsically motivated people are more productive at pretty much every non-automatable task (and also the best at inventing robots), and we have science to back us up.

We also know that happiness and stability increase productivity, while fear and angst reduce it.

And we know that we’re just not designed to worry about the whole world, and most of us are better suited to live small, useful lives that we can understand.

So, but defining the core as people with a set of principles that gets that ball rolling, we’ve not just created the beginnings of a dynamo of productivity, but we’ve also added another hack to stabilize it by making it undesirable to exactly the sort of people we don’t slowing us down.

Violent, destructive people just aren’t productive, and 50 years from now most of us are dead. If we do this and can give EVERY child the option to have something like this (or better) than we’ve got our peaceful revolution from within the system.

All we need to do is have a vision and put an evidence based method on top of us to keep track of how we really work, right?

Do you guys think that’s a better way to lead? Rather than diving right into a single, half-vague solution?

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