Weaving a Co-opernation

I feel like there should be an “or” in there somewhere and I’m missing it.

If the goals are too far out there on some fronts to reach in a reasonably short time frame, it makes sense to put those in phase two while focusing on more immediately obtainable goals (however many there might be) in the interim.

Agility and flexibility will be beneficial. Humans are a function of that equation. You’ve already recognized that humans are both part of the obstacle and part of the solution so I won’t belabor the point.

Heh. . err, yeah. Sometimes when I try to blend too much in the sentence structure fails me.

Yeah, I just need to figure out how to get the thoughts all up there in some tight format, or have somebody else take a stab at it.

I ended up having difficulties when I focused just on the corporate approach, because people have so many negative connotations that they can’t seem to get past (egads the Utopians were exasperating!), so I’m stuck in between approaches. I’m starting to warm to the idea of multiple tight approaches, just so we have more than one. . . maybe just two or three will be enough to sidestep the big problems.

Yeah, that’s like. . 90% of the design, really. It’s all about each individual person.

Those two TED playlists (the ‘Work Smarter’ and the ‘Predictably Irrational’ ones) provide a surprising amount of support in those two collections of talks, but really they’re just the tip of the iceberg too.

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Just saw this thread… will read more in earnest later today. Good work Mr. Holz

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Got all that and an order of magnitude more, just waiting for somebody to help translate it to ‘Everybody Else’ and hopefully also put a few more dreams into it!

Okay, new sorter, tighter intro!

What’s everybody think?


Yeah, I’m not really feeling the first bit, but then that’s just me. I reckon put a shot of your mug and sign it, and make plural intros; have a few different folks’ take on it. Although you seem to have put in a bit of work whittling it down; maybe try to make that one a bit more passive voice and impersonal, and then put your name to a more expansive introduction, like this:

This is what’s happening.

We are Morpheus offering you the red pill, for real.

In case you don’t get that reference (wow, really?), you should totally go and watch The Matrix, and then come back.

Okay, are we on the same page? Let’s hope so…

Now if you’ve been paying attention you’ll have seen over the decades that as wealth disparity has increased in the developed world, so has corruption, which has led to greater wealth disparity and so on - until it’s reached the point where an apt description for what we once referred to without irony as the seats of Western Democracy might be something closer to ‘contemptible cesspits’… If you look at the whole of human activity as organised by politicians and corporations, you can be forgiven for seeing it as a sad indictment of human nature.

But don’t despair, because that’s only human nature under a given set of circumstances. If we were somehow able to change the circumstances, we could change our nature. But obviously, this is a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem, the kind that requires extreme cleverness in the solution…

Guess what? Circumstances have aligned, somebody clever enough has put their mind to the problem, and now we have a solution that has the promise of taking humanity to the next level, mostly just by taking the brakes off our potential. This is so elegant it’s beautiful.

Many of us have come to think of global corporations as vast, heartless monsters stomping carelessly through our lives, but imagine you could climb aboard one of these monsters and get it to quit stomping on people, and start protecting them from the rat race instead. Imagine you could tell this vast machine to go and do something really cool, instead of sordidly having its way with the biosphere.

So as an employee of the Co-operNation, get a load of your job description - to have the most awesome life we can help you manage. We’ll need a minimum commitment of 20 hours a week minus vacation time, but aside from that you get complete freedom as long as you don’t try to hurt or control anybody! And as a member of the co-op you’ll have an inalienable stake in the new society - nay, (actual) civilisation.

Sound too good to be true? Well, no, actually - folks have been saying for years that we could enjoy far more freedom and leisure by virtue of the intelligent application of science and technology to our lives, if only we could figure out a way to kick out the jams and start from a clean sheet. And thanks to the increasing corruption of government by commerce, now there’s an avenue. It’s always been pretty hard to start your own country, but now that corporations can be more powerful than nations…

Are you feeling it yet? If you like this idea, you can see that anyone devoting themselves to any single cause (or handful) is going about it the hard way. Instead of burning yourself out thanklessly fighting losing battles with the corporatocracy, help give the enemy cancer - we’ll poach all their talent! This is like judo, you dig?

We’re putting a revolution inside a box labelled business as usual. The system has no antibodies for us! Once this snowball gets rolling, it’ll become an avalanche.

So as a global megacorp we’ll encompass a complete supply chain and thereby eliminate scarcity and thus money (mostly) amongst our members. In return for your 20 hours a week, you take what you want (within reason), and if we don’t have what you want we’ll make it or grow it or acquire it. We’ll be hugely profitable because we’ll have forgone the vast inefficiency of employing people to figure out how to get other people to part with their money and other such awful busywork, and our products will be sustainably made to last for generations by processes that are almost completely automated, except for products that people actually might want to make and/or buy hand-made, like instruments or bicycles. Money backfires as a motivator for pretty much anything that can’t be automated, that’s a scientific fact. People don’t want money per se; they want their needs and wants met, and the ability and freedom to pursue their interests. They like to have autonomy; a chance to acquire mastery at something and earn the authority of expertise.

So let’s do that, instead.

But it’s early days yet; you’re getting in on the ground floor. We need your help to make this magnificent possibility an incredibly awesome reality. Take a look at the rest of the site, particularly at what other folks have to say by way of introduction if I’ve failed to pique your interest, and please, get in touch if you like this idea, and help us grow it.

Oh yeah - as an eventual bonus, one day you’ll get mad props for helping liberate humanity.



Thanks for pulling me back to that, this ‘web page view’ really threw me off and I never completed a thought properly, did I?

We should have multiple sophisticated entry points, often with different media angles, all funneling into the same point, shouldn’t we?

One intro could be The Doctor’s Way, with thedoctorsway.com registered to it and we could get some Whovians to maybe do a rewrite if they want, storyboard, and maybe even lean towards audio or animation, whatever they want. Another could be a TED like video presentation, and perhaps another more in an RSA Animate style . . and so on.

That could be VERY powerful. . . and the visions could be connected within as well, that could also help us figure out what nuts and bolts to put in the forefront

Yeah we REALLY could use someone with good media-type-people connections or a visionary leader at this point, couldn’t we?

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So, have I gotten enough out there yet that some more visionary sort can run with it?

I know you guys can’t see the other end of things, but I’m going through a particularly difficult couple of years and my time may be somewhat numbered.

Is there anybody out here who could take over? I’ll open myself up to whatever interrogation, questioning, or whatever else is necessary, that’s kind of my purpose. I’m just not able to drive this thing and it really needs a driver. It’s a damn good idea, and humble to boot.


Ah, I’ve got an addition.

We should offer up as one option a class based system for life with the ‘Feat’ and ‘Fate’ points are replaced with some sort of ‘Work’ and ‘Fun’ packages!

The key is in what it’s designed for. You design to be organic, and to specifically draw in the people who love that sort of thing, and then let them show us what drives them using evidence based methods to make sure we’ve go all the bases covered. Psychologically, they’ll almost feel like they’ve gamed the system, and that’s true in a way, but the system benefits too.

If we maximize the number of opportunities for people to be doing work enthusiastically, then that’s not really as much work for them and they’ll be better at it for their motivation, and that’s less ‘work’ overall, isn’t it?

We’d even be able to funnel people into some of those generally undesirable jobs by giving them huge bonuses in the life-creation process. We’d even want to offer up the sorts of things that motivate the people who cheerily contribute to the greater good in that whole range of jobs from Janitor to Teacher to Trauma Surgeon, right? So perhaps autonomy or access to prototypes, projects, or groups of people that we set up because they love rewarding these awesome people. . . you see where I’m going?

There’s got to be a productivity edge in there somewhere, right? I mean, people in MMOs grind for something between fun and a mad obsession. Let’s tap that!

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