Web Sheriff's legal scare strategy: throw everything at the wall, hope something sticks

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Is it even real Olive Oil, or some fake tarted up to look like Olive Oil? Am I talking about the savory liquid fat, or Popeye’s best gal?



##Streisand, we summon thee!


It’s not a super injunction, just an injunction.

Not that there’s anyone on the planet who has the slightest interest in that story who doesn’t know who it’s about anyway.

I would sing a little bit of the song “I Shot the Sheriff”, but 1) you REALLY don’t want to hear me sing and 2) I think this Sheriff has already been shot, several times, with something very high proof.

Where’s the Web Deputy when you need him or her to take over?


You’re confusing the salad dressing with Olive Oyl, who does not come in bottles.

Here’s my question: Web Sheriff? Really? If you were a lawyer, and you wanted to be taken seriously, would you call yourself Doctorow, Jardin PC, or would you call yourself Web Sheriff? It sounds like you want to be Yul Brenner.

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Super Injunction? Is that like the world’s worst super hero? Like, even worse than Pepsiman?


I never played that game…but those graphics gave me some serious nostalgia vibes.

I’ve played it, and it’s baaad. Just watch Youtube videos of it if you’re feeling masochistic.

There’s also this guy:

It’s kind of amazing that “Web Sheriff” actually can pick up any clients with this sad attempt at confusing people with broken unintelligible legalese in the hope they just give up and remove the post. I’m pretty sure they’d be more effective just getting this girls father to scream at people about how he’s getting the Cyber Police and local Sheriff to arrest them…


“The consequences will never be the same.”


Web Sheriff is still around? Why can’t we have more John Titor instead? I’m not sure how, but somehow we’re all responsible for that. And we should probably feel bad. Once we figure out how we contributed to this problem.

I had no interest and I still ended up finding out.
IIRC the stated aim of the injunction was so that their kids didn’t find out, I assume that’s been a waste of time.

No, no, the real question is: Was the olive oil…extra virgin?

18 hours and no one went for the lowest hanging fruit. Have we lost our way?


I’d never heard of Web Sheriff so googled* them. Helpfully the second autocomplete option is:

web sheriff elton john

∗ I’m usually a DDG guy but sometimes you have to google.

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