Comment-spammers threaten to sabotage their victims through Google Disavow if the evidence of their vandalism isn't removed




I've had a few asking for links to be removed, tho more politely than this. I replied with a generic official-sounding response requesting that they write again with an email from actual URL they want removed to prove it's a legit request, and charging them a fee. A couple of them happily took me up on the offer! smile I now kind of which I'd accepted more spammy SEO links back in the day haha.


I am excited to watch Gordon, of, continue to double-down on his douchebaggery now that he's been Boinged.



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Just trying to help Gordon out.


Yikes ... that website reminds me of the good old Geocity/Netscape Navigator days.


Great idea: Let's run it through the Geocities-izer!

#8 has got to be the worst on-line dating service I've ever seen. I think the promise of "action" was more than a little bit misleading :-p


Wow, it made almost no difference. It may have even improved


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Man Gordon you owe me big time for all this free SEO I'm doing for you.


Oh yeah!? Well he thinks BoingBoing is a "weird little site that no one knows about."


I may be missing something, but isn't that a stupid threat to begin with? Actuallly Disavow seems like a much more reasonable and convenient way to handle this and I don't get why Seattle Bubble would care one way or the other.


over/under on how long it takes him to realize he now needs to remove all these > penise too small make ladies love you wife made $8000 a week working at home beautiful river mountain links I'm posting here.


Google puts a warning that misuse of the disavow tool can damage the site of the person trying to disavow the links.

I'm not sure how this Gordon person decided that disavow would hurt the reputation of Tim's site but it appears he's mistaken.


I think he's labouring under the misapprehension that disavow will harm the search rank of the links' source site. If you read Google's description carefully, you'll see that it harms the rank of the link destination site - just not as much as leaving the comment spam up and taking no action at all.

So, he's basically threatening to hold his breath until he passes out.


I love that up until his his hissy fit the only thing his twitter account was used for was useless SEO linking and followed by 9 other bankruptcy spammers.


Thank you for your interest in "The Internets finest bankruptcy action site"

For your convenience we have included a block of stickers for you to print on to stickers:


I find it amusing that people like that literally CANNOT imagine that anybody could be using the internet for anything but drumming up business.


You guys are hilarious. Thank you.



If I'm a sensitive woman who doesn't know how to run a business, and I go bankrupt from my failing business, will Gordon give me some