Google puts spam comments out of your misery




Too late! Now they’ve got the audience for my website addicted to their fine content. I demand that they continue…


Oh right, this is just The Man trying to prevent me from learning how someone’s sister is making $5, 234 a week just using Google!


Is there a collection of trolling responses to these requests to delete the spammy comments? Something in the vein of how @KenatPopehat ponies up requests to guest post. Would seem to make for a good tumblr.



I love it, Rob. Although I’m slightly worried that some company with “leverage” will find a clueless friend in Government that will sponsor a bill making “undesired links to a website that causes irreparable brand damage” a crime- one that’s going to be the responsibility of the hosting site.

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Spam to ask you to take down their spam!

There’s an internet meme in there somewhere…


Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, SEO and spam.


Excellent article, I didn’t know that Google was involved in such white-hattery. However one thing I’ve noticed over the past few years are whole-page linkbait sites, chock full of inane picture links to “Jennifer Lawrence Wore What?!” and “Cast of Head of the Class: Then and Now”. Is this the SEO troll’s counter offensive, pile this dredge together to fool Google’s algorithms?


I would like to think that the SEO companies will just start spamming links to their competitors, eventually creating a least competitive competitor standing competition…


Seriously, people are clicking that link? I tried to make an obviously “dead link don’t click me” as possible. Don’t click it. It’s not malicious. I just wanted it to not go anywhere. On purpose.


Oh, come now. That’s like putting a big red button on a control board with a label that says “don’t push”. Of course you didn’t want it to be clicked on. (wink wink nudge nudge)


*U iz in ur petard, hoistin ur 0wn d00dz. *

It’s tempting to use the “please remove my earlier spam” requests as a request to move the link to the bottom of the page in a “spam links” section, or at least change them to some distinct visual display, like 1-point font or spam-colored text on spam-colored foreground. Probably not worth automating, though :slight_smile:


This was my first thought as well…

Won’t unscrupulous SEO shops create tons of back links to competitors knowing that Google will punish them?


Well someone better get out there and create a place for it to go…


Not quite the one I was looking for, but it’s the one I deserve. : /


Pushing down all of your competitors that way is probably much more of a moving target than raising up one company. I wouldn’t put it completely past the spammers considering how sleazy they are already, but the change does at least ratchet up the costs and make it more difficult for buyers to see the benefit.




SEO “professionals” are the lowest form of internet life. Instead of advocating the creation of things people want to read, see, or otherwise buy they flood the Net with confusing, misleading, useless, and/or unwanted content.

There is a special place of rotted darkness in my heart for all the websites that manipulate google to display a link to their internal search page- where there is nothing of value.


I noticed in the article they quoted you Rob that the BB policy is to not remove linkspam. Could you add a “class” that we can use either a userscript or userstyle to nuke.


Since they’re essentially the same class of people, I’m sure they’ll just route around this minor problem.

I mean, they are a part of the internet, and google is censoring them.