Comments from people who think Google's Facebook page is the search engine


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What I’d really like to see is comments from people who think Google’s Facebook page is the search engine.


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If I used facebook I would go to the trouble of making a fake account juuust to reply to these questions in the best way possible.
That is to say, like a turd burglar.


Why do people look at bananas?


For sexual satisfaction, I imagine.


Why is dog poop white?


Why do I keep replaying bad/stupid things I’ve done in my head over and over?


What’s in Rob’s locked safe?


All the disappoints in Boing Boing.


Why does Google need a Facebook page?


Spy on face book.


I know this one!


In a sort-of defense of these people, there is probably more than 1 lower-level Google employee out there trying to figure out how to actually capture all these queries, run them through the actual Google search algorithm, then return results to the FB user in hopes of boosting even more ad revenue! Instant promotion!


Anyone else nostalgic for the brief period between “people who think AOL is the internet” and “people who think facebook is the internet”?


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