Wednesday's showrunners have no desire to reboot Smallville

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Why would they, and why would anyone expect it to work any better? Wednesday kinda has a little bit of a WB vibe so I get the suggestion. But the reason it works so well is not because of that teen drama WB vibe - it’s because of the spooky Addams family aesthetic and the great actors going all in on that. You cant just slap Tim Burton/Charles Addams aesthetic on top of Superman. Wednesday works because of what it is, and although the showrunners have done a great job I think it owes much of that to the spooky fun influence of Burton and Addams


TFA suggests it’s because they are the same people who did it the first time


Ah well that may explain the WB vibes I got. They were mild tho. Maybe it’s just that production technology has improved so much that they can do more now. Not that there’s anything wrong with WB vibes exactly. I’m just not big on long form teen drama in general. But I super enjoyed Wednesday.

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FWIW “the WB” was replaced by “the CW” in 2006

… same idea though, plenty of teen angst and nominal adults acting like angsty teens


I never really got the appeal of the “superheroes before they were superheroes” genre shows like Smallville and Gotham and Pennyworth. I mean, I get why the studios like them because it allows them to make a multi-season TV drama about a well-known comic book character without dropping a gazillion bucks on stunt sequences and visual effects. But there’s a reason the comic books all focused on the period of these character’s lives when they were doing actual cool superhero stuff.


I’ve revealed my age. Ha. Yeah I haven’t really watched those shows since way before they killed off the analog TV signal (and I switched mostly watching DVDs, streaming and internet stuff). maybe since late 90s/early 2000s.

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smallville’s a lot different than gotham because clark kent is at the center and he gets most of his powers by the middle of the first season… just one particular one they hold off till season 10 ( though every other kryptonian has it, much to his chagrin )

it starts mostly villian of the week until settling down into clark growing into the idea of superman. you get most of the main superman villians, even some justice league, all just shifted earlier than cannon. ( also some… creative… backstory involving hieroglyphs )

i think the show runners were great mixing the comics with late teen and twenty something actors. i don’t know if the show holds up anymore, but i loved it at the time

( oto, two of the main actors got pulled into the nxivm cult which does make you wonder a bit about the pressures of its production :confused: and it’s also incredibly white. the writers completely flubbed the few black characters they had. )


And if it isn’t a prequel, then chances are that it is either an origin story or an out-of-retirement story. Every excuse not to show us superheros just doing their thing.


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