Weekend of Wonder: It wouldn't be Boing Boing without cute cats

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Did somebody say cute cats?
Our new kitten: (he is supposed to become a buddy for the dog – he is on board, but the dog is still hesitant)

Came to us via the Burbank Animal Shelter (former β€œhome” of Benji)
There is a big kitten rally this weekend, 15 Aug – $20 adoptions (put on by the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter - who I believe brainwashed my wife into fostering critters :wink:)



Mingus did it first. In 4 steps.


There can be repercussions and unwanted consequences when your furry fiend learns that they can make things go away. Keep a plunger handy and be ready to pull bras, socks, and underwear from the toilet if you upset your cat.

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