Weekend Tunes: Enjoy Yourself (it's later than you think)


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Replace that version with Prince Buster immediately.


Here ya go…



Their next incarnation also provided the theme song for the current US administration.


Win-win compromise!


Yeah, admittedly the Specials version is none of heir best, which applies to their entire second record.

Cheers! Much, much better.

Arguably the best Specials song.


Something about this clip doesn’t seem quite right…


Is that the new national anthem for the USA?


Is Prince Buster and Suggs OK?


Sorry, don’t agree. Although not as legendary as their first, the second Specials album is their second best :wink: and still loads better than most!

Please get rid of the very specials, and at least replace with:


I always enjoy the version of this performed annually on Jools Holland’s Hootenanny to close out the show with an assemblage of guest musicians and singers who’ve already done their stuff and are just lined up as a chorus. Here’s a couple - Tom Jones is in there somewhere, along with a few other luminaries of the music world.


Never missed a Special Beat show when they came to town.

Setlist: 1]Concrete Jungle 2]Monkey Man 3]Tears of a Clown 4]Rough Rider 5]Too Much Too Young 6]Get a Job 7]Rat Race 8]Too Nice to Talk To 9]Too Hot 10]Do Nothing 11]Nite Klub 12]Noise in This World 13]Gangster 14]Ranking Full Stop 15]Mirror in the Bathroom 16]Enjoy Yourself 17]Jackpot 18]Save It for Later 19]You’re Wondering Now


Johnny De Miranda & His Ska 1966


This would have made a great title theme for “Dr No”.


True, it’s definitely their second best :wink:
Also, Man At C&A is a great song, even though I think they could have worked on a better ending.


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