Weird spat between Burt Reynolds and Nickelodeon game show host on The Tonight Show


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no clip

ETA: found it on the reddit page


Where my clip at?


Dang, that’s quite the intense little tale. I don’t think I even need the clip.

I guess he went on to Things afterwards?

Weird spat between Burt Reynolds and Nickelodeon game show host on The Tonight Show
It's like someone made a random headline generator out of awesome.


There’s also the time that Burt Reynolds strangled a puppet.


Also, nerd correction: the clip is from Summers’ other show, What Would You Do?, not Double Dare.



Television should’ve quit after this.


A numbah one!


I believe that was Reynolds’ alter ego Turd Ferguson.


I hope reading the book won’t spoil it for me but it looks like Reynolds and Summers were really having fun going after each other.


From your link:

Daniels and his monkey (operated by local performer Lucky Yates)

Holy crap; he strangled Dr. Krieger’s monkey!


And here I thought “strangling a puppet” was just a euphemism…


Even more interesting was “Was that Kenny Kirkland on piano” in the first half a second???


Wow; that was some of the weirdest, most passive aggressive shit I’ve ever seen.



If it was my first time on The Tonight Show, and Burt Reynolds was in a bad mood, I personally wouldn’t mock his recent divorce. Getting doused with water is getting off easily.


I keep thinking it’s scripted. But then it keeps amping up a notch to make me think its not.

The cream pies at the end? But, perhaps because he’s the Double Dare guy they had had the pies ready for a bit?

Whats crazy is that with all that aggression, neither lost their temper. (If this wasn’t scripted.)



It’s okay to think it’s scripted. I mean, it’s the Double Dare guy! Maybe it wasn’t note-for-note scripted, but the producers most likely said “Okay, Burt, Marc is going to toss you a softball insult, and you’re going to douse him with water…” All leading up to the obviously pre-prepared cream pies.


you know how I know you didn’t read the link?