Movies to watch: "The Last Movie Star" starring Burt Reynolds

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Agree. Although it’s nonfiction, it plays with Burt’s historic persona.

I loved how they used old footage from his TV talk show appearances - and that opening shot, the slow push in and then it dawns upon you: that guy - that old guy with the dog - that old guy staring at you right into the camera with a look that is borne from a long and grinding life - and you say out loud: Holy fuck! That’s Burt Reynolds!


Yeah… B.R., not so much. So much of his “humor” involved punching down.
I never could get with that.

See also Paul Simon’s “One Trick Pony” in which Simon (pre-Graceland comeback) plays a once famous singer who can’t get any success with his new stuff but has aging fans that just want him to play his old stuff.


I saw his show last week in New Orleans and it was still the same: no one was interested in his “new” stuff.

One Trick Pony was Mare Winnigham’s first feature. She’s amazing.


If you have a couple of hours and Prime then you should take advantage and watch this film. I just blew off my morning meeting to finish viewing and am glad I did. I have seen many Burt Reynolds pictures but this one is moving and special. Read the trivia notes after you’re done.

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I ended up watching this a day or two after he passed. It got pretty dusty in the room there at the end.

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