Welcome to Motorized Bar Stool YouTube

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They’re stealing my electric scooter company idea!


Yes, but will cities require beer helmets?


I’d like to see some rules applied.

  1. The motorized bar stool must maintain the essential characteristics of a bar stool. Some of these contraptions look like lawn mowers or golf carts.

  2. Maximum wheel diameter.

  3. All components, less the wheels and steering mechanism, must reside in the volume enclosed by the bar stool legs.

I’m eyeballing my craftsman stool and a broken snow blower right now. Time to test my welding skills.


And beer goggles. Safety first!


Trust the Russians to take things to the next level

Although, to be fair, the, uh, foundation for this is not a barstool.

How about adding: must be able to enter a pub and navigate to the bar inside.


The V8 bar stool uses a engine with a very short duration cam but high lift. Gives it that hot rod sound but doesn’t have a lot of horsepower!

link here in case someone has interest.

Stacey David’s (Gearz TV show) had an episode for building one.

I mean, at a certain point, you just end up on a U3-X…although that slight-but-constant self-stabilizing motion would probably do things to a drunk tummy…


remembering that kneeling chair :slight_smile:

An alternative is the motorized cooler.


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I can’t imagine that these things are all that stable to begin with (I could quip about that being a commonality with their owners, I suppose). Perhaps pushing the wheels out beyond the stool’s footprint would make them more stable, particularly the faster ones…

(Personally, I think the cooler option is much, well, cooler. And more stable and less likely to cause injury at faster speeds. I think a couch, a recliner, or a cooler might be stable at 55 MPH, but there’s no way you could be stable on a barstool at 55 mph…)

When I was a little kid in the 1960’s, I watched ABC’s Wide World of Sports every Sunday with my Dad. Before I knew what “Jumping the Shark” was, I KNEW WWS had done it. They honest-to-gosh televised motorized barstool races one Sunday. Talk about the agony of defeat…

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