Wells Fargo CEO promises to spend not one cent of the GOP tax gift on investment or wages


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But of course. Anything else would just be crazy talk.


Did not see that one coming.


Of course.
But I’m not sure that WF is more scandal plagued than HSBC.


Duh. Anyone with a brain knows this. US companies aren’t not hiring due to a lack of financial ability, they’re not hiring because they don’t need more workers. If you’re able to supply the demand with the people you’ve got, more money doesn’t magically increase the demand. Oddly enough, the exact opposite of this tax plan (giving a huge break to middle and lower class) would massively increase demand and thus increase need for labor, but we all know the GOP doesn’t actually give half a shit about those people. This tax plan simply balloons the already massive amount of corporate and private wealth in the country.








Wells Fargo CEO to trump voters: “Thanks for our new boats, airplanes, ski chalets, private islands, castles, sports cars, horses, diamonds, caviar, and driveways paved with gold” … “oh, and sorry, no, not a square to spare.”


Yeah, no surprise at all. Some weeks ago weren’t a bunch of them asked to raise their hands if they were planning to use these tax breaks to hire new workers and none of them did, much to the chagrin of whatever administration spokestroll posed the question?




Politicians aren’t familiar with this concept of “people doing exactly what they say they’ll do.”


Wells is a toilet of a bank.


In this case I don’t think the politicians pushing this legislation forward actually thought these CEOs would do something other than what they said they’d do. They just hoped they’d have the sense to lie about it in public, reassuring the rest of us that yes, they will be trickling on us later.




When will America learn this is precisely the Republican tax plan? It’s not loophole, it’s the entire point of the bill.


What difference would it make? The republicans changed the rules so they can pass legislation that will impact every single American for decades to come with almost no discussion and with a simple majority. Nothing can be done to stop this and they know it. This is why the tax plan is so blatantly a giveaway to the rich.
The media arm of the GOP will then get to work spinning this so the majority of their base will be so confused that it won’t affect their vote.


That won’t take much effort. The media arm of the GOP could very well be outsourced to a third grade classroom in Arkansas at this point.


A real American Standard™.