Wells Fargo: fyeah, we're going to lend money to gun manufacturers, now stfu before we shoot you


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“Of course we are lending money to firearms makers and dealers. No reputable company wants to do business with us any more.”

Ist der Ruf erst ruiniert, lebt es sich ganz ungeniert.


Already dumped them. Initially had some concerns about what banking with a credit union would be like, but so far (1 1/2 years?) so good.


Not terribly surprising. The name ‘Wells Fargo’ has a pretty long history with guns: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coach_gun


Wells Fargo is still in business?


Yes, the whole top layer or so there should in prison.

Nowhere near as importantly, is that gif the final scene from Spellbound? (not the spelling bee doc, the Hitchcock movie with Ingrid Bergman saving Gregory Peck with psychoanalysis, also has that fun Dali dream sequence)


It’s only natural for Wells Fargo: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”


Oh, nice rhetorical trick - notice it?

we do not believe that the American public wants banks to decide which legal products consumers can and cannot buy.

Is that exactly the same thing as “lending money to manufacturers?”


But we think the American public is totally down with banks opening fraudulent accounts in their name.


I wonder how people here would be feel about Wells Fargo refusing to loan money to abortion clinics.

Gun free investment funds are fine, but I don’t like the idea of attacking industries we don’t like by eliminating any source of financing.


You know, I understand and can agree to disagree with wanting laws changed, more licensing schemes, even a ban on this or that.

Being down on a bank because they do business with a legal and very broad sector of manufacturers? Mmm, sounds… petty. Most likely hypocritical, as I doubt there would the same support for sector one cared about.

That said, Wells Fargo has a lot of other shenanigans that makes them a “bad” bank.


That horse is already out of the barn (see also: cannabis in both legal-for-recreational and legal-for-medical states).

My own take: it’s not the guns, it’s the assholes who think that violence is an acceptable response to real or perceived societal ills - and especially, a response to people whom they don’t approve of. These mopes would be just as happy to pull out a bowie knife and get all stabby, assuming they aren’t too squicked by getting up close, personal, and bloody to their victims.


Their logo has a rifleman in it.


Yup, with Reed Richards doing some stunt doubling.


Cannabis is a bit trickier since it’s still illegal at the Federal level so I think banks are understandably wary of getting involved.

It’s not that guns make good people bad, they just amplify the bad that someone might do.

It makes it that much easier for a suicidal person to kill themselves.

The reckless teenager is more likely to kill his buddy with a gun than a bike jump.

An abusive husband is more likely to kill his wife with a gun than a punch.

You’re more likely to attack that asshole if you have a gun than a knife, and you’re that much more likely to kill him.

It would be great if you made people better, but in lieu of that you can get rid of some guns.


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