Wells Fargo woulda gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for that darn trade union

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Talking about fraudulent accounts and whatnot. This reminds me of a WF account my parents had years ago, it wasn’t one of their main accounts and they used it as a secondary checking or savings account (i don’t remember which).

My mom was going through the account and noticed some strange transactions of money appearing and then the exact amount being taken out. The odd bit was that no trace would show up in the statements and when she called the bank they couldn’t explain where the money would come from or go to or what was going on. She found it suspicious and it’d happen frequently so she just closed the account and never banked with them again.


When are we going to finally resolve to just put bastards like this into jail.


See: Late Stage Capitalism


This confused me, because labor union is American for trade union.

I was half expecting these guys:


We do not speak of the prequels


That happened to me when I was a poor college student; having an extra $2000 suddenly appear in your checking account was like manna from heaven, but I was never able to withdraw it before it disappeared again. I asked a teller about it, and actually got an answer that made sense. She said that sometimes accounts get used as very temporary holding areas when money is being moved about internally within the bank. That explained it, but I have no idea if financial shenanigans were involved.


The Trade Federation have the Techno Union as members.

Sadly, in the prequels they don’t organise workers and hold all night parties when they win. I blame George Lucas for cutting this vital part of their backstory

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Just realizing that Trump’s honeymoon with Republican legislators is exactly what banksters have been enjoying all along.

Can we please have an effective justice system to deal with high level criminality?!?


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