We're all pissed off. How do we properly direct that rage?

Posting animated gifs helps many of us.



Provided people are not posting the same thing over and over I am Ok with that.

I try to diffuse it. I try to remember that what I am reading are words within a program. That program is not to be trusted. Because if it isn’t open source, and it’s free, it’s there to manipulate you. These are things that drive me to play with, rather than play in environments.

If you’re not seeing the other person, it’s because you’re not talking to a human being, but seeing what they wrote. Maybe. You have no way to tell.

Disagree with what they say. Respect the person on the other end.

Remember the kids are watching. What we fail to recognize, here, is that 8,000,000 hits a day means that when people want context and discussion they see the BoingBoing comments.

When they come to find the others, be kind and welcome them, please.

When they show up angry, please remember that they are just suffering animals.

Barks aren’t bites. Being uncomfortable isn’t going to kill you. It just may change your opinion, when you decide you want to be more comfortable.

I like the metaphor of the saint, sitting with a wheel on his head. The wheel of terror joy. It grinds endlessly.

I interpret this as thought, constantly running though ones mind. A reality created by past and present environments and the human condition we all share.

Suffering is universal. Why isn’t compassion equally universal?

I think it’s because we have choice, and I hope I’m getting it right.


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