We're reducing the loyalty rate

… on your greedy bank Loyalty Cash ISA. AGAIN!

I just want to save a little money for my kids’ education. That’s all I want. Why do I have to get letters like this?!?! Thieving highway thieves.

They’re not worried about being disreputable anymore. The crash of 2007/08/09/10/11/12/13/14/15 has stripped them of any pretension of appropriate behaviour.

Light the torches!


Tiny interest rates have ruined ISAs for years. They were good, 10+ years ago. I’m sure I used to get 4-5% on my cash one?

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Unfortunately, it’s a trick banks have pulled from the insurance industry.
“Loyalty” now means “Someone who’s probably not watching market rates like a hawk. Feel free to screw them over.”

If only the yields on rentier capitalism were as low as that.


Yeah right! Honestly (don’t hear many banks using that word nowadays!) they must RAKE it in doing this.

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