We're running out of interstates!


won’t be open again until Tuesday, they’re saying!!!

And, this morning, another interstate was closed (though it was reopened by 10am):


“Crumbling infrastructure will be replaced with new roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, and railways gleaming across our very, very beautiful land.” -DT

Get ready for tolls.


The three interstates in Hawaii and 4 in Alaska won’t even take you to other states anymore.


But… WE JUST GOT RID OF A TOLL ROAD!!! Years after it was meant to go away, no less. We do have this whole “peach pass” system now where people can pay for HOV lanes usage. I have no idea if it helps, but I guess not.

My daughter thought that was weird until I explained to her that interstates just mean roads paid for and maintained in part by the federal dollars, built beginning with Eisenhower in the 1950s.


Take MARTA, it’s smarta!


One original motivation was that these interstates would aid in defense, and mainly had one or more military bases along the route, often at one or both ends. The Hawaii interstates conform to this as well. That way, when Korea’s missiles land on one of our 11(?) bases, the survivors can be rushed to one of the other ones.


My father used to complain about I-20 cutting his old neighborhood in half (Grant Park/Cabbagetown). He said he wanted to shut it down and turn it into a park. I always assumed it was a joke, but perhaps he’s gone rogue.


Yeah, I had a colleague who worked on the building of I-20 and the impact it had on black and working class neighborhoods (including Grant Park and Cabbagetown, etc). It really did impact those intown neighborhoods and the people who lived there.

I hope he went rogue, but I doubt that’s what happened, sadly!


Yeah, this is ‘how we do’. Or rather, don’t.


I want to say that part of the video with Ludacris was in fact filmed on I-20? but maybe I’m remembering wrong? Maybe @noahdjango remembers (pepperidge farms probably does)?


*for certain values of smarta


*your mileage may vary


MARTA: The Road Less Traveled
MARTA: Wherever You Go, There You Are
MARTA: We Take the Fun Out of Driving


Last month I had the unhappy experience of driving the tollroad through downtown Orlando on a Saturday afternoon. Gah! Expensive, crowded, under construction and/or in miserable condition. I took I-95 on the way back.


I can’t pick it out. Looks like it could be down by the airport? I’m hardly the authority. I sold my last car within months of moving here 15 years ago. I saw on the news today that a different bit of interstate buckled damn near vertically. So, so happy I don’t have to drive here.


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