Images of what highway in Florida looks like as 500,000 people told to get out


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I’m trying to imagine the logistics of temporarily declaring an entire highway northbound.


I’m kinda shocked they didn’t reverse the southbound lanes to be northbound instead. I know I’ve seen that in previous evacuations…


Looks like chaos has a new friend.


I was thinking the same thing. I just assumed they would. I guess there are still some people heading South, but surely they could take back roads.

I keep hearing these quotes that Florida is extremely well-prepared for hurricanes like this. Seems like a plan to switch directions for evacuation would normally be included in that.


Tell me those tollbooth aren’t collecting…


Is it necessary for everyone to head north? Wouldn’t seeking shelter inland away from flood zones be sufficient?


The Governor has waived all tolls in FL.


i do wonder how Florida Man is going to survive this one…


Florida interstates are set up to do this. There are inter-median crossovers at strategic points around the state to do exactly this.


The highest point in the state is only 300 ft above sea level and there is really no infrastructure in the center of the state, just swamps and the St. Johns river basin.


That depends. Right now, the model has Irma going up the middle of the state so moving inland would put you in even worse wind. I’m on the north side of Tampa Bay; evacs are for zone A right now, that is the closest to the coast (West of Hwy 19).There is NO gasoline around here, the hwys are gridlocked so going to ride it out since I am not in a flood zone.


In the Hampton Roads (Va.) area most major roads designated Hurricane Evac. Routes have drop arm gates on exit ramps to help prevent wrong way traffic during a reversal. Not sure if Fla has the same.


I know there are a lot of Olds in Florida, but does nobody there know about the traffic overlay on Google Maps? Don’t most navigation systems use it by default now?


You mean these? I doubt it. :smile:


The traffic is so bad that the traffic overlay on Google Maps went right from green through orange and red to infrared. So the roads look normal to human eyes. [Plus now the display gives you a very, very mild tan.]


I wish you the best. A cousin of mine, his wife, and a distant cousin are all in Florida and i’m hoping they’ll be ok. It’s kinda too late at this point for them to leave as well unless they wanted to pay for some expensive last minute flights out.

Had to worry about family in Houston riding out hurricane Harvey and now i gotta worry about family in Florida. I’m done with 2017, i’m exhausted of this shit.


Florida Man seems to be A-OK


And here it is on a normal day


The coastal counties of GA have the same thing. You start to see them when you’re heading down to Savannah.