Road rage incident led to Florida man being transported on car hood


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ended amicably


If Florida were to fall off, where would all the New Englanders go in winter, and the crazy people go the rest of the year?


We can tether it as an island?


I think when the continents separated, North America got screwed in the divorce settlement.


what’s the height of the cliff between the US and the sea formerly known as Florida?


There’s more than one reason Obama is thawing relations with Cuba.


oh! Or, why not come to the GA coast instead? We got pretty islands and Savannah!


What happens to Savannah when it’s full of retirees? Better buses, maybe?


Still apt.


Zero… Essentially zero, statewide.


“Florida Gentleman”, who’s that guy?


You say that and the next thing you know it’ll be overrun with tourists ruining the place. I have a deep affection for your neighbor state’s Dauphin Island but I always worry about saying that. I don’t want to let the secret out.


From the movie “The Quiet Man”

The scene where Sean Thornton and Will Danaher interrupt their brawl to have a pint. The dialogue between the Bishop, visiting from Ulster, and the local minister, Rev. Playfair, who have been covertly observing the donnybrook.

Bishop: Is that a public house?

Rev playfair: Yes

Bishop: Does that mean the fight is over?

Rev Playfair: No, it’s just the end of round one.


That’s outrageous - a left-hand turn from the middle lane!
Seriously though, that’s pretty bad. I remember someone did that to my father (and ran into his new car). The driver’s excuse was, “Well, I was signaling!”


Florida you say…


Isn’t Florida a “stand your ground” state? Is that just for guns or is it okay to run people over as well?


Oh, come on!

They had it set up, and they didn’t follow through with “It’s time for another round.”?!

I grieve for the wasted puntential.